A most unique experience, the S’Hair-Eng Styling Salon Signature Massage utilizes Swedish, Deep Tissue and Aroma Therapy techniques to balance your body, soul and spirit. The Signature Massage improves body tone and circulation, relieves stress and strain, helps the immune system, and promotes both physical and psychological well-being and leaves the body with a centered feeling of peace and revitalization.

$65 (60 mins)

Swedish Massage

Your therapist will utilize a classic Swedish technique with soft to medium pressure to rub the body, increasing circulation and relieving muscle tension. The body and mind are left calm and relaxed with an improved sense of overall well-being.

 $55 (60 mins)

Sports Massage

A great warm-up to any workout and an excellent way to recover from exertion and fatigue afterwards. The sports massage integrates Deep Tissue and stretching techniques while targeting specific muscle groups.

$85 (60 mins)

Deep Tissue Massage

A therapeutic technique that releases patterns of tension throughout the body. Slow strokes and deep finger pressure are used across the grain of muscles and tendons, alleviating tightness and muscle soreness.

$85 (60 mins)

Reflexology massage

A reflexology treatment begins with a hot towel foot wrap to warm your feet and increase circulation. Some people think of reflexology as foot massage, but it is more than that. It is the practice of stimulating points on the feet, hand, or ears in order to improve general health. The most common form is foot reflexology. The feet are divided into a number of reflex zones, and these zones correspond to all parts of the body. By applying pressure to tight or gritty areas of a person’s feet, the corresponding body part is stimulated and the body can begin to heal itself. It also stimulated various reflexes on the feet and clears away the accumulation of toxic deposits that inhibit the flow of energy through our bodies, bringing about a state of inner equilibrium. Reflexology is an effective detoxification method.

Regular $45.00 / With Pedicure $75.00 

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